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Occupational Health and Safety

Piled Foundations Pty. Ltd.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of this company to achieve the highest standard of safety in all areas of our operations. It is the responsibility of all employees at all levels to work diligently to ensure that their specific tasks are carried out in compliance with the Workplace Health and Safety 1995, Codes of Practice and all relevant regulations.

The company Safety Programme has been developed in accordance with the legislation governing our areas of operation and includes the safety of the general public our employees and those of our clients. The continual monitoring of on the job safety by all of our employees will encourage safe working conditions, eliminate unsafe work practices and help to ensure the good health and well being of everyone involved.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that all employees strive to improve the performance of this company in the area of Occupational Health and Safety.

Jeff Bentley
- Director
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